Something About “WORK ME”

Over the years that I have been working as a Graphic Designer, I have been honored to have held an array of creative positions spanning from within large publishing companies to mid-sized advertising agencies to small print houses. Then, several years ago, I made the decision to completely move to the position of freelance designer/production artist. This has given me the opportunity to work with many clients of all sizes such as publishing companies, production companies, and smaller independent clients all at the same time–and what a wonderful decision it has been!

I love the opportunity to design, perform, and present clients with exactly what they want. Every project brings diversity, challenge, and growth opportunity. I am an efficient worker, I enjoy the opportunity to use my imagination, and I am comfortable working under tight deadlines. Creativity and design sense, attention to detail, and strong commitment to my work are some of my greatest loves in life.

I’ve been busy designing and creating book series such as Black & Decker–The Complete Guide and Motorbooks Workshop–Weekend Projects and have been in charge of the maintenance of style and consistency throughout these series. I’ve also been enjoying bringing many other stand-alone and series books for enthusiasts and hobbyists, self-improvement, how-to, and craft books from start to finish. Let me take a moment to call out some of my favorites: Planet Ink-The Art and Studios of the World’s Top Tattoo Artists, Comida Cubana-A Cuban Culinary Journey, Chevrolet-Muscle Cars, Caterpillar-Modern Earthmoving Marvels, Miata-20 Years, All New Square Foot Gardening, The Homebrew Journal, and A Witch Among the Herbs. Working on many scholastic schoolbooks and ancillaries while being in charge of not only design, but the creation and control of master style guides keeps me happy as well.

As a well organized self motivator with an eye for detail and the desire to continually grow within the art field–proficient in InDesign, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and currently in the process of adding EPUB file creation to my list of skills–I am always eager to explore working with new clients and their freelance opportunities. So, all that being said…who’s next?


Miss D