Then There Is “PERSONAL ME”

Welcome to my Love of Dance!

I find dance to be the perfect expression of all things in life. Most of us begin with the basics our moms enroll us in: Jazz, Tap, and Ballet. As we grow, we naturally search for our own personality. Mine was Hip Hop. I put in my years with competitions and auditions and small gigs here and there. (And I still LOVE Tap and Hip Hop.) But I had this feeling that I wasn’t in the right place–I still didn’t quite fit in. And then one day, down a very unexpected path, I found Aerial. I’ve never felt happier, healthier, more challenged or truly able to express every and all emotions! I love and feel loved by my fellow aerialists. We are a community and a family. This is my happy place…

Welcome to my Garden!

I love to nuture and give. I love to watch my plants grow. I love to know I was a loving part of that process. And they give back by supplying this ever beautiful, ever changing, ever growing, and ever relaxing nook!

Welcome to my Knitting Nest!

As an artist, I believe we all need that cozy corner to let our creativity flow. This is mine. I find such joy in letting myself go and create in a completely different way (knitting, crocheting, dolls, jewelry making…) than what I create with my work.

knit nest